Découvrez NUMA Sprint le nouveau programme d’accélération !

Après un peu plus de 4 ans de “Camping”, qui était à l’époque le premier accélérateur de startups français, et 6 mois de “Rise”, premier programme d’accélération mélangeant startups et intrapreneurs, nous avons décidé de regrouper ces deux marques en une seule. Nous sommes donc très heureux d’annoncer notre nouveau nom…

Après un peu plus de 4 ans de “Camping”, qui était à l’époque le premier accélérateur de startups français, et 6 mois de “Rise”, premier programme d’accélération mélangeant startups et intrapreneurs, nous avons décidé de regrouper ces deux marques en une seule. Nous sommes donc très heureux d’annoncer notre nouveau nom… NUMA Sprint !

L’idée du “Sprint” nous a semblé adéquat à notre mission : être entrepreneur, c’est dans le même temps courir un marathon et savoir accélérer aux moments opportuns, courir quelques mètres en sprint pour atteindre des objectifs précis et gagner ces quelques centimètres qui font, et feront, la différence entre vous et le concurrent. Gagner du temps, gagner en connaissance de soi, accélérer son développement en tant qu’entrepreneur, en tant qu’équipe, telle est notre mission.

NUMA Sprint a été conçu autour de 6 mois d’accélération, articulés autour d’“office hours” avec une team d’experts et d’entrepreneurs en résidence ainsi que des mentors sélectionnés avec soin, avec des bilans réguliers validant l’avancée vers les objectifs fixés, notamment en terme de croissance.

Pendant trois mois, nous avons vu passer 650 startups, qui sont devenues 380, 170, 60 pour finalement n’en retenir que 25, grâce à la contribution de plus de 100 experts membres du jury. Le moment des sélections de startups est toujours, à NUMA, un moment fort et unique: il lance une course de six mois, en un mot, un “sprint”. Les entrepreneurs s’apprêtent à repousser encore plus loin leurs limites pour atteindre des objectifs exigeants, pour faire décoller leur startup. Nous en avons choisi un nombre limité, mais au-delà de ce nombre restreint (que nous souhaitons dans le futur continuer d’élargir), nous avons été frappés par la vitalité de l’entrepreneuriat et par l’aplomb de tous ces entrepreneurs. Imaginez : 650 idées, rêves et plans d’attaque portés par des entrepreneurs, hommes et femmes du monde entier. Les sélections de NUMA, c’est aussi une fenêtre ouverte sur un monde, le notre, en profond bouleversement, où se mêlent crise et opportunité. La dimension humaine est fondamentale dans notre approche et nous tentons, chaque jour, d’incarner ces valeurs qui nous guident et que nous clamons haut et fort : humanité, ambition, bienveillance. Maintenant, let’s kick-off !

Les Startups de NUMA Sprint Saison7

Your next ebook reading app: read, annotate and share.

Read lets you enjoy reading ebooks on mobile, extract and easily share content you like. To improve your reading workflow, we connect you to your favorite services: note-taking apps, social networks or cloud platforms. Our mission is to help you learn more and faster through knowledge taken from books.


Simon Guigue
Thomas Guigue
Augustin Francis-Boeuf


Social Classifieds.
A simple and friendly garage sale on your smartphone! Budeal is an application that allows individuals to buy and sell used products quickly and easily. Budeal reinvents classified ads using smartphones and social networks to simplify the sale of products and bring more trusts in transactions.


Stéphane Perrin
Jérôme Gangneux
Damien Balada


Running water in every urban home

We boost the health, dignity and economic opportunity of the urban poor by giving them access to running water at home. With our technology, utilities can make money by providing running water to the urban poor, while they get the convenience of prepaying for water from any phone, at any time, for any amount.


Grégoire Landel
Miranda Phua
Laurent Savaëte


Enable your cloud business

CloudOrbit helps Mid Size IT services companies to meet their customers’ needs of running workloads on a wide range of cloud services providers of their choice (Amazon, Azure, Google, you name it). To achieve this, they need large investment and specialized resources able to deal with each providers’ tools. CloudOrbit provides one simple interface for IT services company and their customers to interact with multiple cloud providers and to set-up marketplaces in minutes. CloudOrbit’s solution is available in a “pay as you go” plan aligned with their customers’ business.


Jean-Pierre Laisné
Iain James Marshall
Pierre Trinephi
Jean-Philippe Kalfon


Same day delivery service, within the time slot chosen by your clients !

COURSIERPRIVE·COM revolutionizes the last mile logistic sector by offering same day delivery service, within short time slot.


Arnaud Marlois
Nicolas Papin
Vincent Wuhrlin


Beautiful publishing tool for technical writers

Corilla is a cloud-based technical writing tool that refocuses the authoring experience on simple collaborative workflows. We make content teams happy and more productive by removing the complexity of authoring modular content that your entire company can deploy and curate on-demand.


David Ryan
Ben Wilkinson


The trendy sewing and knitting website that makes creating your own clothes easy.

Bitten by the sewing bee? With Filoute, create your own trendy wardrobe. Find on a single website the sewer and knitter perfect toolkit: trendy patterns, video tutorials, and a passionate community!


Flore Morin
Domitille de Saint-Exupéry


Service platform for professionals of the food industry

First recipe website dedicated to professionals: management of subrecipes, automatic inventory, order creation, analysis and community management


Sébastien Vassaux
Aurélie Daniel


Guitar Learning made easy

FRETX is a smart device that attaches to your guitar fretboard and transforms music notation into light patterns directly on your fretboard, making the learning experience easier and more dynamic.


Federico Rodriguez
Valeria Roco
Ilan Eduardo


Respond faster to your customers emails.

Doing customer support is repetitive. Customer Support people spend half of their day responding to only 10 different questions, which are asked over and over. In small businesses, they usually copy paste responses. Today, progress in machine learning make a change possible. With Gorgias, they can be automatically suggested what to respond to those questions, and save 30 minutes per day.


Alex Plugaru
Romain Lapeyre


End-2-End testing for Mobile Services made easy.

Kapptivate is a platform for Telecom Operators and Banks which allow them to validate their mobile services behavior. Kapptify was designed with Asian and African market in mind, where tehcnologies such as USSD and SMS lack tools to perform testing.


Julien Sabatier
Alexandre Grais


The mobile app that verifies in 1 second the composition of food products according to your requirements

We believe that everybody has the right to eat healthy. This is however very difficult because the ingredient lists on food products are complex and usually impossible to understand. Kwalito makes it possible for everyone! It’s a mobile application that verifies the composition of food products according to your requirements. You scan the barcode on a product and Kwalito tells you if yes or no this product is good for you.


Pierre Killy
Aleksandra Mandic Killy

La Boîte qui Cartonne

The best way to make some room at home without leaving your home, stress free

La Boite Qui Cartonne is a service which takes care of the belongings cluttering your flat in a simple manner: for 6€ per month, La BQC will go to your home along with large boxes (60x40x40xm) and will take them back, once you’ve finished placing your things, to it’s secured storage facilities and keep them for the timespan of your choice. Clothes, tools, books,… you can then ask to get your things back anytime and anywhere you wish with ease.



Le Zeste

Enjoy every dinner: order a delicious meal prepared by our chef, get delivered in less than 20 minutes.

Each meal should be a moment of pleasure. Every evening, we feature two delicious meals prepared by our chef Mehdi with seasonal products. You order in a few clicks and get delivered in less than 20 minutes. Our mission: turn all your tasteless and sadly “practical” meals into real moments of pleasure.


Pol Maire
Julian Guerin
Noé Malzieu
Mehdi Favri
Les Petites Tables
Les Petites Tables makes it painlessly easy to find quality, delicious places to eat across Europe. In less than a minute, for less than 10 euro.

What about if you were told that it’s possible to eat delicious, local, proper, non-junk food in restaurants without ruining your wallet? What if you could afford to do this on a daily basis? What if you didn’t have to read thousand reviews and spend hours to find a new place? Les Petites Tables is about making such experiences possible. Made by a team of three different foodies: a very tall food critique, a curly unicorn and an always-smiling entrepreneur.


Romain Passelande
Thomas Le Gourrierec
Patryk Kabaj


Lendosphere is the first crowdlending platform dedicated only to sustainable development projects

How to give sense to ones savings ? On Lendosphere, you get the chance to choose directly the com- panies and the projects to which you want to lend money, with annual interest rates between 5% and 8%. On Lendosphere, you can simply combine sustainable devel- opment and profitability, in order to co-finance the ecological transition in a positive way.


Laure Verhaeghe
Amaury Blais


Live Score and Advanced data about eSports competitions

ESport is this awesome new field where everything is about to happens. Pandascore aims to give the best experience for eSports fans and players to live, understand and master the game they love. From anywhere and at anytime with an app delivering games recap, live feed and advanced statistics.


Flavien Guillocheau
Gaëtan Juvin

PopUp Immo

PopUp Immo is the #1 marketplace for finding and renting short-term retail space in France

PopUp Immo is the #1 marketplace dedicated exclusively to the rental of short-term commercial real estate. PopUp Immo revolutionizes short-term commercial space rental by allowing businesspeople, brands, designers and e-commerce companies to rent pop-up stores, showrooms or other spaces for as little as one day or one week, to upwards of several months, in complete simplicity and without a long-term commitment.

Mohamed Haouache

Mohamed Haouache
Adrien Kerbrat
Hachim Fadili


Cool surveys for serious people

Create beautiful surveys in seconds with Sentimy. Publish it in one click and get the highest completion rate of the Internet. Sentimy helps you to design the perfect survey, make it short and awesome, and visualize the results in a beautiful dashboard.


Kevin Bourgeois
Robin Nicollet


Be sure before buying a product, try it thanks to our community

Show-Roomer lets you try a product before buying it, thanks to our community. You can try the product, talk to a user and see how the product ages. For our community of Show-Roomers, it’s a platform to share their product experience, to help other potential customers and to benefit from special offers. Finally, for our e-merchant partners, Show-Roomer gives them a local presence to double their conversion rate.


Benoit Fargeot
Guillaume Gardair
Armel Tricaud


With Skippair, take to the sea in total confidence! Within a few clics, you get to choose your skipper and embark wherever you want?
Take to the sea in total confidence with Skippair! With Skippair.com, you get to choose your cruise and your skipper. The skippers are professionals, pre-selected by us and rated by customers. It’s easy! It only takes several clicks to embark from a weekend heading to Les Glénan to a sailing and diving week in the Caribbean islands. No excuse: it is affordable! from 170€ a whole weekend.


Claire Blangez
Maina Marquette
Margaux Brinet

Vocal Apps

We make machine speak
You develop a connected object and/or apps for connected objets ? A voice command is relevant for your object, in the manner of a SIRI? Vocal Apps has the right solution for you. We propose a plateform allowing to create with a just a few clicks a voice interface with connected objects.

Hicham Tahiri
Karim Lourci


Making Sense of Text

Tationem aims to build the best text analytics platform using which the businesses can make sense of text, even without reading it.


Vijaykant Nadadur
Sendhil Kumar
Pratheek MS


Welcome to the jungle Connects growth companies to talent communities that match their recruiting needs

Young and growing companies always face the same problem: finding and attracting the talents that will fit their recruiting goals. Those talents are not on classic job boards, but they can be found in various communities that already exist or have to be created. Welcome to the Jungle connects growth companies to communities that match their hiring needs. Our first community is our website welcometothejungle.co dedicated to 20-30 year old high qualified talents interested in startups and fast-paced companies.


Bertrand Uzeel
Jérémy Clédat

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