NUMA x GAN Founder Shift : Scale up !

On December 2nd, NUMA Paris and the Global Acceleration Network (GAN) hosted the Founder Shift on Scaling for selected startups from all over the world, including NUMAlumni who raised a funding round and are focusing on growing their team, expanding to new markets and increasing revenues.

China, South Africa, USA, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Spain and France…

These were all the countries represented during the event by one of the 15 startup founders, specially selected on their maturity and ability to scale.

Among them, two NUMAlumni : Matthieu Burin from TravauxLib (NUMA Season 8) and Hamza Hassoun from Bob! Dépannage (NUMA Season 9).

Starting with a team building dinner, all the founders, mentors had to opportunity to connect and enjoy good food in Paris before starting an intense session of workshops focusing on :

  • Scale your team
  • Scale internationally
  • Scale your operation
  • Messaging your product and tailoring your sell


Impactful mentors participated to the event to share their previous experiences :

  • Arnaud Meunier (Managing Director at NUMA Paris and co-founder of Twitoaster)
  • Pep Gomez (Serial entrepreneur, Founder of Fever and Director of the NUMA Barcelona Growth Program),
  • Chris Howard (Founder & CEO of and Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars)
  • Paolin Pascot (CEO of Agriconomie, NUMAlumni Season 5)


How to recruit good people when growing?

Paolin led the first workshop “Scale your team”. Discussing the challenging question “how to recruit good people when growing?”, he presented to bad experiences and some successful ones.

The most important thing, he said, is not necessary to hire the best employee, but to get on board employees that are aligned with the company values.

Moreover, a very important thing at Agriconomie is to ensure internal communication.

This topic, brought up an intense discussion on transparency within startup team: what about differences in salary? Are shares an effective way of remunerate first employees?

Scaling Internationally

This was followed by an amazing talk from Pep Gomez who explained how he went from a 12 years old kid getting involved in his first entrepreneurial activity because of his love for music, to the international scaling of his startup Fever when he was 21.

Messaging your product and tailoring your sell

Chris Howard then gave an inspiring speech and shared his knowledge and methods on “messaging your product and tailoring your sell”. From this open discussion emerged great questions.

“When are you ready to scale?” Chris answered : “When the markets need you more than you need the market.”  

According to him, one the biggest challenges for startups is resisting the urge to scale too soon

Scale your operations

The last workshop was held by Arnaud Meunier (serial entrepreneur and new MD of Numa Acceleration Program) on the topic of “Scale your operations”.

Giving insights from his past experience as startup founders, he underlined especially the importance of delegating properly and educate your management in order to scale operations.

Startups’ CEOs should spend time teaching best practices to their team members and should not forget that when you go from 4 to 50 employees, you cannot control and approve everything. His solution to avoid bottlenecks is to give ownership ensuring not only to give responsibility to team members but also to give them the authority needed to take decisions.

Cisco, IBM, Ubisoft, Google, Aviva and Dassault participated in the ending Meet-Up

To finish, a meetup saw tech giant companies join the party and the startups had the opportunity to pitch their solution in front of a group of selected corporates including Cisco, IBM, Ubisoft, Google, Aviva insurance Group and Dassault systems.

And to end the GAN Founder shift event, a cocktail was organized with the NUMA community, great opportunity for the accelerated startups to meet their more mature brothers from the GAN network around the world as well as the NUMA community as a whole.

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