NUMA DemoDay Season 9 : meet our new startups !

On October 20th, NUMA closed its 9th Season of its Startup Acceleration Program during its DemoDay, hosted at Criteo.
The event marked the announcement of our 7 startups, disclosed to the public for the 1st time. Ad Vitam, Air Kit, Bob! Dépannage, Destygo, Phantombuster, Shipup et Syos pitched to 170 investors and partners specially invited for the occasion. Discover them now !

A few months ago, we celebrated our 5th calendar anniversary of NUMA’s Acceleration Program, launched in 2011 as “le Camping”. With 9 seasons and 116 startups under our belt, we have now fine-tuned a unique approach to our program. The startups we are proud to introduce today are part this dynamic.


advitam DEMODAY season 9 numa

Advitam helps families in mourning with a simple, personal and seamless funeral management platform for half the price of traditional services.


airkit demoday numa

Airkit helps you travel like a local. We reinvent touristic services through immersive content adapted to new travelers.


bob dépannage numa demoday

Bob! Dépannage makes home repair easy and affordable while connecting you with the best craftsmen.


destygo numa demoday

Destygo revolutionizes interactions between business travelers and service providers through an automated assistant.


phantombuster demoday numa

Phantombuster helps you create APIs, putting bots at work to automate any task on the web.


shipup demoday numa

Shipup turns online retailer’s delivery issues into customer success.


syos numa demoday

SYOS helps musicians shape their own sound, with custom 3D printed instruments.

Discover our startups now !

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