About NUMA

Who are we?

NUMA [numa] (Paris, 2014) p.n. an acronym made up of ‘numérique’ meaning digital and ‘humain’ meaning human.

Our mission

NUMA empowers mission-driven tech entrepreneurs to solve the global problems of 2030.

Education, health, food, water, transportation, energy, work, transparency and security : we are dedicated to the subjects that conciliate an urgent need to act and a meaningful technological response.

For who?

Our offers

Since 2000, our model has been comprised of two pillars: high performance and openness. Our synergic activities enable all types of entrepreneurs to collaborate :

Startups, with an acceleration program that prepares them to raise funds from the best VCs;

Corporates and public institutions, with open innovation, intrapreneurship and training programs that support their entrepreneurial revolution;

Communities, with hundreds of events on various topics related to tomorrow’s world and a free coworking space.

Far from opposing one another, we believe they can grow together and become mutually beneficial in order to create economic and social value.


Key figures


startups accelerated since 2011

82 %

of our startups are still alive or have exited


events organized per year


visitors in 2015

500 +

employees involved in digital transformation programs

60 +

corporate innovation projects


Pioneer in the French digital economy, Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic has been leading NUMA teams and initiatives since 2002 and has made NUMA a yardstick for innovation in France and internationally. Her first role as Head of HR in a start-up business has allowed Marie-Vorgan to discover the importance of the human factor in the founding and development of businesses. She started the first coworking space and the first startup accelerator in France.

The team

Jean-François Caillard

Chief Operations Officer
Lucas Francou

Development & Strategy
Frédéric Oru

International Development Director
Aviva Markowicz

International Strategy Manager
Raphaëlle Neyton

International Project Manager
Paul Moreau

International Director Support
Tam Chaurang

Business Development Director
Edouard Blondeau

Business Development Support
Alban Dumouilla

Chief Technical Officer
Romain Amblard

International Acceleration Director
Olivier Mougenot

Investment director
Silvestro Majnoni

Knowledge manager
Anna Hosteing

Startup manager
Adrien Moreau

Investment director support
Romain Dahan

Junior Startup Manager
Alix Romatet

Startup Manager Support
Claudio Vandi

Director of Corporate Innovation
Maxime Basset

Program Manager
Gayatri Korhalkar

Program Manager
Mael Inizan

Program Manager
Sara Kadaoui

Project Manager
Bastien Guerre

Project Manager
Roman Navalpotro

New services & Business development
Nathanael Sorin-Richez

Communities Outreach Director
Perrine Grua

Communities & Corporate Education Director
Alice Bonnet

Communities Project Manager
Cecile Thibaut

Communities Project Manager
Maud Etienne

Communities Project Manager
Tristan Lebleu

International Communication Manager
Adrien Laville

Communities Project Manager
Léo Kaplan

Stage Manager
Amélia Matar

Communications & Marketing Director
Juliette Hirtz

Content & Community Manager
Juliette Poggioli

Graphic Designer
Chloé Rodriguez Gouëdreau

Junior PR
Arnaud Chaigneau

Carmen Firan

Management Assistant
Naïma Choujar

Administration & Finance Manager

They visited NUMA

Anne Hidalgo

Mayor of Paris
François Hollande

French Republic President from 2012 to 2017
Fleur Pellerin

ex-Digital Economy Minister
The King Willem-Alexander and the Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
Mark Zuckerberg

Founder of Facebook
Astro Teller

Director of Google X
Got it!Up