NUMA and the City of Paris launch the second edition of DataCity

NUMA launches the second edition of DataCity, an open innovation programme to look at smart city challenges, at this year’s Cities for Life Forum.

What is DataCity?

The DataCity programme brings together industry stakeholders, startups and local authorities to study the challenges of using data to make cities smarter and better places to live for their citizens. DataCity will be carried out in several steps over a ten-month period:

  • Step one: Identifying challenges | This step involves identifying challenges with local authorities and industry partners. The challenges, for which the selected startups must find solutions, concern key issues for the future of our cities and improving the living standards of inhabitants: smart buildings, energy, logistics, waste management and flows (see all challenges).
  • Step two: Call for startup projects | After challenges are published, NUMA and its partners will select startups which can respond with concrete solutions. DataCity is an opportunity for these startups to work directly with key industry partners and local authorities and access rarely shared data.
  • Step three: Testing of selected projects | Selected startups test their solutions in the field with data provided by partners, access to NUMA’s network of experts, support from the Mairie de Paris and €10,000 in funding. Based on the results of this testing, startups and partners can develop service and product offers together. The first edition of DataCity produced three successful offers.


DataCity’s second edition, which launches on 22 November, aims to select nine startups to meet eleven challenges and mobilise the expertise and data of nine key industry partners: Bouygues Energies & Services, EDF, Cisco, Nexity, La Poste, RATP Dev, Setec, SFR, and Suez. They have agreed to provide startups with data unprecedented in quality and quantity, including geolocalisation, energy use in public buildings, urban pedestrian traffic data, waste collection schedules, and more. Startups will also receive support from two technical partners – Ekimetrics and Sigfox – to optimise their use of this data.

“By creating real partnerships between startups and major groups, testing new solutions with citizens, and by consulting with public authorities, NUMA acts as a platform for innovation and sees the future in diversity.” Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, Founder and CEO of NUMA.

In addition to this second edition in Paris, NUMA has decided to expand the programme abroad. DataCity is already underway in Casablanca, Morocco and will appear in other cities around the world soon. “We believe, wherever we go, that the smart city of tomorrow is one that can conjugate the collective intelligence of its inhabitants,” affirmed Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic.

This is NUMA’s mission today: to craft a future economy that places people at the heart of its development.