A Bridge to Venture Capital

NUMA Paris is a 3-month hands-on program
that gets startups solving global problems
ready to raise venture capital.

Season 11 will run from mid-April to mid-July.

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Offers background

startups accelerated

since 2011

82 %

still active

or exited

1 M

average raised per startup

We stress test your execution plan

As entrepreneurs, we know success ultimately comes from a clear and thoughtful execution plan that aligns with your vision.

What is your product and go-to-market strategy?
How does it align with your vision?
How do you measure success?

We provide access to expertise and customers so you get capital



Build your strategy

What is it?

We provide access to our entrepreneurs-in-residence and domain experts who will help you test assumptions, further de-risk your business and provide invaluable coaching, support, and guidance to help you grow.

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Increase your dealflow

What is it?

We put you in front of potential customers and key strategic partners across the country and help you develop your sales pipeline, drive growth and provide critical feedback.

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Prepare to raise

What is it?

We curate one-on-one meetings with leading venture capital firms, and investor networks to help jump start your fundraising process and establish valuable connections with leaders in the venture community, culminating in our DemoDay.

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Our deal is aligned with your interests

We set our roadmap together, as one team, and only take equity (3.5%) if we jointly increase the value of your company.

We're looking for startups solving global problems

We strongly believe that great entrepreneurs can - and will - fix the global problems of 2030, as long as their vision and execution are coherent.

Among these problems :

numa reinvent education Education
numa reinvent health Health
numa reinvent food Food
numa reinvent water Water and waste
numa reinvent energy Energy
numa reinvent transportation Transportation
numa reinvent work Work
numa reinvent transparency security Transparency and security

NUMA has a successful track record in supporting startups

Sketchfab ($9.5M raised)
Sketchfab is the place to be for 3D files: a platform to fund and publish the best 3D Content. What Youtube did for for video makers, Sketchfab is doing for creators of 3D content.

Bankin' (€8.5M raised)
Bankin’ is a Fintech company developing solutions allowing its users to manage all their bank accounts in a single interface and gain in-depth understanding of their finances.

Augment ($5M raised)
With Augment, simulate your 3D models in real world, real size and real time. Create amazing interactive print experiences or empower your sales team with the most effective sales aid.

Tiller (€4M raised)
TILL By Tiller Systems is a turnkey mobile point-of-sale solution designed for bars and restaurants. It combines an intuitive iPad-based ordering platform with an innovative web-based back-office allowing analytics in real time.


What does NUMA provide?

In exchange for a 3,5% equity stake, each start-up participating in the 3-month program will benefit from:

- Weekly one-on-one meetings with an Entrepreneur in Residence
- Full-time operational support with our in-house team of associates -dev, design & business-
- Access to a qualified network of 150+ mentors and industry experts
- Access to NUMA’s workshops, tutorials and resources
- PR exposure through NUMA’s corporate events and communication materials
- Connections to investors through the Demo day and other investor meet-ups
- Qualified introductions to our corporate partners: BNP Paribas, Cisco, Google for Entrepreneurs, l’Atelier BNP Paribas and our corporates’ network
- Introductions to NUMA’s international network of alumni, partnering accelerators and foreign offices (currently US, India, Russia, Spain, Mexico and Morocco)
- 3-month free office space
- More than 70 perks including free consultations with partnering accounting and law firms

Who are some of our notable startups?

We’ve accelerated a number of great businesses since starting so it’s hard to choose! Some of our renowned start-ups include Mesagraph (acquired by Twitter), Sketchfab ($9,5m raised), DocTrackr (Acquired by Intralinks), Bankin’ (€8,5m), Zéro-Gâchis, Qunb (acquired), Artips, Lima (second biggest French kickstarter), Jam, Agriconomie, Trip’n’drive, Inifinit (acquired), Augment ($5m raised), Julie Desk, Soundsgood, Deepomatic…

When to apply?

You can now apply to NUMA Paris Acceleration Program at any time until March 1st. We have a continuous evaluation process, reviewing your applications and sending it to our experts for evaluations as soon as you submit it to us. Then, each week, we conduct 1-to-1 interviews to meet the team and validate your acceptance to the program.

Note that startups that submit early before the deadline have a significant advantage because we have more time to study their applications.

How is the selection done?

The selection is a 3-steps process starting from your online application (only complete applications are evaluated).

1.Applications are reviewed by NUMA team to determine basic investment conditions such as if you startup enters in our mission scope, if the team is dedicated enough (full time) and if you have first signs of market validation for your product.

2.If those criterias are validated, your application is sent to be scored by 2 expert evaluators. The score of your project receives reflects various key factors of success including your team, experience, market and product.

3.Depending on your score, you are invited to participate in one-to-one interviews to deep-dive on your vision and execution, and better understand how we would work together.

4.The final step consists in producing a final Bootcamp Document. The Bootcamp document is the roadmap and goals set for the program.

Do we need to write a business plan?

No, you don’t have to write a business plan. All you have to do is to complete the online application form. You’ll have to fill out information about your business, the team, the market…

How many startups do you select?

We are currently selecting 8 to 12 startups for this season, depending on the quality of applications we receive.

What are the key dates for Season 11?

Deadline to apply : March 1st 2017
Kick Off: April 10th 2017

Who are the mentors & Ad-hoc mentors?

Our mentors are all either recognised entrepreneurs or professional experts.

What is an Associate?

An associate is a in-house & full-time operational support for our startups. There will be 4 of them: 2 business profiles, 1 designer and 1 dev.

What is a technical partner?

We have +70 offers and promotions from a variety of partnering startups and corporates. Ranging from free pictures with Fotolia, cloud computing services offered by AWS Amazon, free access to recruitment platform… you name it ! All of our startups agree : those offer save them both valuable time and money.

What is the Demo Day?

The Demo Day is the last event of the acceleration program. You’ll be provided with the opportunity to present your start-up to a large panel of investors, corporates and journalists. Our last demo-day was hosted salle Gaveau and gathered 500 influential professionals, including 100 angel or VC investors.

How much does the acceleration program cost?

The acceleration program is free and provided to you in exchange for a 3,5% equity stake in your company at current market price.

What happens after the program?

You join our alumni network and still have access for life to all educational resources and events designed for startups.


Tools and softwares available

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