Turn your startup into an execution engine

NUMA Paris is the business accelerator program for mission-driven tech entrepreneurs.
During 3 months, we stress your execution plan to make you ready to raise venture capital.

Next season will start at the beginning of October 2017.

Selection starts now!

Offers background

Our selection process is :

1 - Apply through our platform (July - August 2017)
2 - Your application is evaluated internally by at least 3 persons (July - August 2017)
3 - If selected, you will be invited to a 1-to-1 meeting with an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) to challenge your roadmap (August - September 2017)
4 - If you pass step 3, you will be invited to pitch your project in an investment committee in front of VCs to determine whether your startup is VC-backable (end of September)
5 - Kick-off with our 8 selected startups and beginning of the program (October 16th)

An intense 3-month program


Washing Machine

Startups, NUMA & Mentors define as one team their main objectives for the program

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Choose 3 to 5 mentors during the Mentor Madness (more than 10 meetings per startup with mentors), define your KPIs

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Roadmap Execution

Product and go-to-market iterations, KPI objectives

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Every action must be related to an objective and a clear result. Execute, iterate and nail your objectives by leveraging NUMA’s support (Associates, Experts, Network, Partners).

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Prepare Fundraising

Fine-tune business model, investor pitch and Demo Day

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Raising money is a means towards an end. Test and back your business model, create a solid pitch deck, train for pitching, meet business angels (21 meetings during Season 11), meet the top french VCs (Alven, Partech, Isai, Idinvest...).

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1st Promise - A focus on business

# Define and track the business KPIs
1h weekly KPI-meeting with the Managing Director in team of 4 startups. If metrics are low, we take actions together to make sure traction stays on track.

# Master the size and structure of your market
2 mentoring hours per startup per week with our 2 entrepreneurs in residence.

# Leverage our corporate network and get introductions to potential customers
During the last batch, we made 44 qualified introductions to large corporates.

2nd Promise - Execution above all

# Find your go-to-market
Mentors, EIR and experts spend hours with you to craft the best strategy to meet your customers.

# Validate your business assumptions in weekly cycles
Weekly personal objective meetings with EIR.

# Leverage our team of on-demand Associates to boost your execution
More than 60 missions performed for startups of Season 11 in design and business development, such as the creation of a Sales Machine, the design of new landing pages, emailing strategy, prospection lists, infographies or articles to support your inbound marketing strategy…

3rd Promise - A driving mentorship

# Build a lifetime mentor relationship with our team of 25 dedicated mentors
On average 3 mentors per startup that give 1 to 8 hours of their time per month (about 2,5 hours per startup per month).

# Work in 1-to-1 sessions with growth and product experts
7 hours of deep work per startup with specialized experts that implement analytics, SEO guidelines, acquisition strategies, etc.

# Improve your strategy with sales workshops
5 useful workshops such as “How to create a Sales Machine”, “Define your pricing Strategy”, “How to talk to investors”, etc.

150 companies accelerated, over €100M in funding raised

$9.5M raised
Sketchfab is the place to be for 3D files: a platform to fund and publish the best 3D Content. What Youtube did for for video makers, Sketchfab is doing for creators of 3D content.

€8.5M raised
Bankin’ is a Fintech company developing solutions allowing its users to manage all their bank accounts in a single interface and gain in-depth understanding of their finances.

$5M raised
With Augment, simulate your 3D models in real world, real size and real time. Create amazing interactive print experiences or empower your sales team with the most effective sales aid.

Tiller Systems Logo
€4M raised
TILL By Tiller Systems is a turnkey mobile point-of-sale solution designed for bars and restaurants. It combines an intuitive iPad-based ordering platform with an innovative web-based back-office allowing analytics in real time.

Our team of 2 experienced EIR and 25 committed mentors

Romain Cochet

MD & Entrepreneur in Residence
Alieu Terry Entrepreneur in Residence NUMA
Alieu Terry

Entrepreneur in Residence
Arnaud Chaigneau Programme d'Accélération NUMA
Arnaud Chaigneau

Chief Opportunity Officer
Jean Charles Samuelian Programme d'Accélération NUMA Mentor
Jean-Charles Samuelian

Mentor - Founder & CEO Alan
Benjamin Netter Mentor Programme d'Accélération NUMA
Benjamin Netter

Mentor - CTO Lendix
nenad cetkovic programme d'accélération numa mentor
Nenad Cetkovic

Mentor - COO Lengow
Charles d'Harambure Programme d'Accélération NUMA Mentor
Charles d'Harambure

Mentor - CMO Foodora
renaud el ghozi programme d'accélération numa mentor
Renaud El Ghozi

Mentor - Product owner Meetic

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